If You Notice A Woman Doing The Following Things, She is Just Using You

1. Lack of Reciprocity:

When your partner consistently takes without giving anything in return, it may indicate that she is using you. This behavior could include always expecting you to foot the bill on dates or constantly requesting favors without offering support in return.

2. Absence of Emotional Support:

In a healthy relationship, both partners provide emotional support. If your partner is emotionally distant or unavailable when you need her, yet expects unwavering support from you, it could signify that she’s solely interested in what you can provide rather than fostering a genuine connection.

3. Financial Exploitation:

Continuous reliance on you for financial support is a clear sign of being used. Whether it’s frequent borrowing without repayment intentions or a focus on your material possessions over your companionship, it suggests she’s taking advantage of your resources.

4. Lack of Effort in the Relationship:

A one-sided relationship indicates potential exploitation. If your partner demonstrates minimal effort in nurturing the relationship, avoids compromise, and prioritizes her convenience over quality time with you, she may be using you for personal gain.

5. Disregard for Your Boundaries and Needs:

Someone who is using you often disregards your boundaries and needs. Consistent dismissal of your requests or concerns signifies that she’s not genuinely invested in your well-being and is primarily focused on fulfilling her own desires.

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