Kcee blasts Harrysong over claims of writing his hit songs

Kingsley Okonkwo, also known as Kcee, the singer and co-founder of Five Star Music, has strongly criticized his former artist, Harrysong, for asserting that he wrote the majority of Kcee’s hit songs during his time with the label.

HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA remembers that Harrysong has persistently accused Kcee and his brother and business partner, E-Money, of withholding his musical rights, further alleging that he was the primary songwriter behind many of Kcee’s successful tracks, including the popular ‘Limpopo.’

In the latest episode of the Afrobeats podcast, Kcee responded to Harrysong’s claims by recalling their history together. He mentioned that Harrysong was not involved in the early stages of his career, as he was still in his village with his grandmother when Kcee won the Star Quest talent show with his former partner, Presh, and subsequently signed with Kennis Music, where they released three albums.

Highlighting the success he has achieved since Harrysong’s departure from Five Star Music eight years ago, Kcee emphasized that Harrysong continues to produce hits despite not being affiliated with the label anymore.

Kcee expressed concern for Harrysong’s well-being, mentioning that he believes Harrysong is facing personal struggles, including conflicts with his wife and former manager, Soso. He concluded by stating the importance of offering prayers and support to Harrysong during this challenging time.

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