You’re unworthy to be called father – Baby mama blasts actor Yomi Fabiyi

Grace Jimoh, the baby mama of actor Yomi Fabiyi, has criticized him for referring to their son, Akorede, as the result of a torn condom.

Yomi faced backlash on social media after sharing a trending video on his Instagram page. In the video, he condemned the Nigerian customs service for allowing poor quality condoms to be imported into the country, leading to unwanted pregnancies.

Responding to the video on her Instagram page, Grace expressed her disappointment, stating that Yomi was excited when she informed him about her pregnancy. She questioned his change of attitude, asking if he now considers their son a product of a torn condom just for social media validation or to make her feel bad.

Grace affirmed her commitment to providing the best life for her son, even in the face of adversity. She also hinted at Yomi’s past actions regarding their first child, suggesting that he is not deserving of being called a father.

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