African countries with the best healthcare systems in 2024

In light of the recent COVID-19 pandemic that swept across the globe, the importance of a robust healthcare system for a country’s well-being and its impact on the economy has become increasingly evident. The saying “health is wealth” resonates more strongly than ever.

The pandemic’s impact on Africa’s economy was significant, highlighting varying degrees of resilience among countries due to differences in their healthcare systems. Healthcare challenges persist beyond the pandemic, with services varying depending on the strength of individual countries’ health systems.

The emergence of healthcare indices has gained prominence as they provide valuable insights into the effectiveness of healthcare systems, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and areas requiring improvement. Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental right and a crucial aspect of societal well-being. Disparities in healthcare access often lead to inequalities in health outcomes across different populations.

Numbeo, a platform known for its data-driven insights, recently released a health index ranking African countries based on their healthcare systems at the beginning of 2024. This index assesses factors such as healthcare professionals, equipment, staffing, and costs to gauge the readiness and adequacy of healthcare services.

Data for this index is collected through surveys conducted by visitors to the Numbeo website, aligning with scientific and government surveys. While similar rankings were published in the past, the latest results reflect improvements in some countries and stagnation in others.

The following are the African countries with the highest healthcare index rankings in 2024, along with their corresponding global ranks:

  1. South Africa: Healthcare index – 64.0, Global rank – 49th
  2. Kenya: Healthcare index – 61.1, Global rank – 53rd
  3. Tunisia: Healthcare index – 57.0, Global rank – 71st
  4. Algeria: Healthcare index – 54.7, Global rank – 78th
  5. Nigeria: Healthcare index – 48.7, Global rank – 87th
  6. Egypt: Healthcare index – 47.5, Global rank – 89th
  7. Morocco: Healthcare index – 44.7, Global rank – 92nd
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