We’ve stopped posting corps members to ‘very unsafe states’ – NYSC

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has announced the cessation of posting corps members to states deemed unsafe due to the deteriorating security conditions across the country.

During an interview on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics, the Minister of Youth, Jamila Ibrahim, revealed this decision in response to concerns about the safety of corps members.

In light of recent incidents where corps members have been abducted in various parts of the country, there have been growing apprehensions about the sustainability of the NYSC scheme. However, Ibrahim assured that the NYSC has implemented measures to safeguard its members, including restricting postings to states considered safe.

She emphasized, “We have ceased posting corps members to states identified as very unsafe to ensure their safety. This precautionary measure has been in place for some time.”

Furthermore, Ibrahim stressed the importance of collaboration with other government agencies to enhance the security of corps members. She highlighted ongoing efforts to develop group transportation strategies to ensure safe travel to and from camps and their destinations.

Regarding the reform of the NYSC scheme, particularly in terms of remuneration, Ibrahim stated, “We are exploring comprehensive funding for the NYSC. As part of the announced reforms, we aim to elevate the NYSC beyond a mere government social program. These reforms will position the NYSC as a revenue-generating agency and better prepare corps members for the job market.”

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