Abia: N1.5bn budget for Hilux caused by software error – Otti

Abia State Governor, Alex Otti, clarified that his administration had actually budgeted 150 million naira for two Toyota Hilux vehicles, contrary to earlier reports indicating 1.5 billion naira. Otti explained that the discrepancy arose from a software error in the budget preparation process.

Speaking at Ezeukwu road market in Aba while addressing journalists about media reports on the budget allocation, Otti attributed the inflated figure to a glitch in the Excel package used for budget documentation. He emphasized that the error had been rectified, and the intended amount of 150 million naira was accurate.

Upon learning of the erroneous report, Otti promptly investigated by cross-checking the budget numbers on his handheld device, confirming that the corrected figure aligned with the actual budget total.

Expressing gratitude to those who highlighted the error, Otti underscored the importance of public vigilance and accountability in governance. He urged citizens to remain vigilant and hold government accountable, as democracy entails government of, by, and for the people.

Otti emphasized that despite the mistake, the overall budget figures were accurate, and the corrected amount for the Hilux vehicles was indeed 150 million naira, or 75 million naira each for two units.

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