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Shock as young man found sitting outside mortuary 8 days after declared dead from drowning

A 17-year-old teenager, previously reported as having drowned and subsequently placed in a hospital’s mortuary, was found seated outside the facility over a week later, in a bizarre turn of events.

The unsettling incident unfolded when Poupog Kevin, aged 17, tragically drowned in the Bellevue Hotel pool in Douala, Cameroon, on Sunday, January 28. His lifeless body was then taken to the mortuary at CEBEC Hospital for preservation.

However, the situation took an unexpected twist when, eight days later, mortuary workers discovered Kevin sitting on a chair outside the mortuary on Monday, February 5th. Witnesses were shocked to see that Kevin, who was initially brought to the mortuary unclothed, was now wearing a white robe and underwear.

Louis Maries Mbella, the head mortician at CEBEC Hospital, recounted the surprising discovery. He was alerted by a security guard in the early hours of Monday morning and found Kevin sitting outside. It was only upon closer inspection that Louis Maries Mbella realized it was indeed Kevin, who had been under their care just days prior.

According to eyewitnesses, Kevin, born in 2006, allegedly said, “Anne, you promised me.”

However, Kevin’s mother, Catherine Kouete, expressed doubts about the incident, finding it hard to believe that her son could move or speak after spending a week in the mortuary.

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