6 reasons men aren’t attracted to independent women

An independent lady has a distinct attraction in today’s dating scene. An independent woman is one that is self-assured, handles her life, makes her own decisions, and doesn’t hesitate to forge her own course.

A strange observation has been seen, nevertheless, amidst the admiration and curiosity: some men appear reluctant to approach independent women. Why does this occur?
Men may not always be drawn to independent women for the following reasons:

1. The intimidation element

To begin with, independence might be frightening. Some people may feel less required by a woman who manages her affairs confidently and doesn’t depend on a man to save the day. It has less to do with skill and more to do with the conventional roles that males are raised to play: protector and provider.

2. A fear of being turned down

The fear of rejection is closely related to intimidation. It is believed that independent women have more expectations and clearer standards. Whether accurate or not, this impression can discourage some men from approaching because they think they won’t live up to her expectations or standards.

3. Misinterpreting self-sufficiency
It’s possible that some males have the wrong idea of independence. They could interpret it as an indication that a woman doesn’t want to share her life with someone else or that she prefers to be alone herself. This misperception regarding independent women’s wishes for companionship can result in a lack of effort when pursuing relationships with them.

4. Dangerous egos
Now let’s discuss egos. The accomplishments of an independent woman may inadvertently provoke fear in the hearts of certain men in a culture that exalts male authority and success. It’s an awkward fact, but certain men are turned off by women who shine too brightly on their own because of cultural expectations and inner fears.

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5. The breakdown in communication
Sometimes all that’s needed is clear communication. Clear communication and a direct approach are characteristics of independent women. But this could come across as overly serious or unfunny, which would turn off guys who enjoy lighthearted conversation in partnerships.

6. The worry of being surpassed
And last, the dread of being outdone. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and valued in a relationship. Certain men may be concerned that the achievements of an independent woman would eclipse their own, causing them to feel inadequate or even resentful.

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