Man sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing teenager to death over girlfriend

Nura Sabiu, 22, was given a life sentence by a Kano State High Court on Thursday for fatally stabbing an 18-year-old. Additionally, Dahiru Ubale, 21, was given a five-year prison sentence by the court. On two counts of culpable homicide and criminal conspiracy, Sabiu and Ubale were found guilty.

According to Judge Usman Na’abba, the prosecution has shown their case beyond a reasonable doubt. “I hereby sentence Ubale to five years in prison and Sabiu to life in prison,” he declared. Earlier, Mr. Lamido Sorondinki, the prosecution’s attorney, told the court that the defendants had committed the crime at Jalabi Village in Bunkure Local Government Kano on April 17, 2017.

According to him, the accused members plotted, attacked, and fatally stabbed the eighteen-year-old Abba Isma’il.

According to the authorities, the adolescent was having a relationship with his girlfriend, Sabiu (Zahra’u), when the inmates attacked him in the back with a knife.

He said, “The deceased suffered severe injuries from the stabbing and was taken to the Rano Hospital, where a medical professional confirmed his death.” To support its case, the prosecution called three witnesses before the judge. To the charge, the defendants had entered a not guilty plea.

The prosecution claims that the offense is against sections 97 and 221 of the Penal Code. Three witnesses, including the defendants, were called by defense attorney Mr. Umar Danbaito.

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