Reactions as Burna Boy calls Davido ‘joke’

Burna Boy's Day

Grammy-winning Nigerian artist, Damini Ogulu, known as Burna Boy, indirectly referred to his colleague Davido as a “joke” in a recent exchange on social media.

The incident occurred when a Davido fan insulted Burna Boy for not winning four Grammys, calling him an “ode.” Burna Boy responded by pointing out the irony of the insult coming from someone using Davido’s picture as their display image.

Although Burna Boy later deleted his comment after the fan changed their display picture, another individual attempted to criticize him for deleting his remark. Burna Boy explained that he deleted it because the fan had replaced Davido’s picture with his own.

Despite the deletion of the comment, it sparked backlash on social media, with many condemning Burna Boy’s behavior. Some criticized him for his immaturity and for continuously targeting Davido with insults.

This incident reignited discussions about the ongoing rivalry between Burna Boy and Davido, with some fans expressing disappointment in Burna Boy’s behavior while others highlighted the hypocrisy among certain fan bases.

Overall, the exchange highlighted the complexities of celebrity feuds and the intense scrutiny faced by artists on social media platforms.

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