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5 Iconic Quotes from life coach Lay Wasabi

Here are the 5 Iconic Quotes from life coach Lay Wasabi

1. “Your financial IQ is your account balance.” – Layi, 2023

This quote suggests that a person’s financial intelligence can be gauged by their account balance. In other words, it implies that financial literacy and smart money management directly impact one’s financial standing.

2. “Do you know that you don’t have to be foolish to be a fool? They are different routes to becoming a fool, foolishness is just one of them.” – Layi, 2023

Layi highlights the distinction between being foolish and being a fool. He suggests that foolishness is just one path to foolish behavior and that there are various routes one can take to exhibit foolish traits.

3. “You are poor but you’re intelligent.” – Layi, 2023

This quote emphasizes that intelligence is not determined by financial status. Layi acknowledges that someone can be intelligent despite lacking financial wealth, challenging the stereotype that equates intelligence with financial success.5 Quotes Lay Wasabi

4. “Update cast but update don’t finish because update is always up to date.” – Layi, 2024

Layi uses a metaphor involving updates to convey the importance of continuous improvement and staying current. He suggests that just like updates to software or systems, personal growth and development should be ongoing and never-ending.

5. “Have you ever gone to price Benz and they say the Benz cost 6 days? So what do you mean time is money? That is a financial antithesis.” – Layi, 2023

Layi challenges the traditional notion that “time is money” by presenting a scenario where time is not directly equated with monetary value. He uses the example of pricing a luxury car like a Benz in terms of days instead of money to illustrate the disconnect between time and financial worth.

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5 Iconic Quotes from life coach Lay Wasabi offer thought-provoking perspectives on various aspects of life, including finance, intelligence, personal development, and the conventional wisdom surrounding money and time.



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