Drama at wedding as couple catches and arrests caterer hiding their food

Drama at wedding; Authorities arrested a caterer for allegedly concealing food that a couple had already paid for, putting her in hot water.

The incident, captured in a video shared on social media by user @favour_gist, has quickly gone viral, eliciting a range of reactions from viewers.

According to @favour_gist, during the wedding reception, the couple discovered that there was insufficient food for their guests, which came as an unexpected surprise.

In the video, a female voiceover disclosed that they slaughtered three cows to cater for the wedding ceremony.

However, as the wedding progressed, it became apparent that the food supply was inadequate, despite efforts made to ensure that all attendees would be served.

The situation escalated when guests began to question the adequacy of the food supply, prompting a closer examination of the catering arrangements.

In the video clip, individuals were seen inspecting coolers where the caterer had purportedly hidden the food.

Reactions from Netizens:

Mummy j commented, “I understand that they usually take food home, but this is excessive. Why isn’t there enough food for everyone?”

Nas remarked, “During my wedding, I don’t care if someone steals food or not, as long as I enjoy my day. Security will escort anyone causing trouble out of the venue.”

don_poscodeco shared, “This is why I still appreciate my late father’s caterer to this day. He would package your food for you and leave everything for you, because he charges a good amount. Let them have a seat and enjoy all the food.”

Maks recalled, “I witnessed a similar incident involving a big cooler of fried chicken.

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When the caterer was attempting to load it into her van, people rushed her.”

user9978156526749 expressed, “This is a common practice.

teefah_ declared, “I’ll have soldiers with my caterers on my wedding day. Let’s see how they’ll try to hide food then.”

Edixy stated, “Caterers need to put a stop to this! You can take a portion, but not the entire cooler. It’s outrageous.”



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