REVIEW: Nightmares in the Badlands: A Treasure Hunt Gone Awry



  • Producer: Jay Stan
  • Director: Josh Ajimah
  • Cinematographer: DERA Paul
  • Production Company: De Mevrikz Production


“Nightmares in the Badlands: A Treasure Hunt Gone Awry” follows the harrowing journey of seven university friends—Aj, Precious, Ccez, Jay, Max, Dee, and Benny—as they set out on a seemingly innocent treasure hunt. Motivated by the discovery of an ancient map in Aj’s father’s old library, the group becomes determined to uncover a buried treasure believed to have been hidden by Aj’s great-grandfather.

Despite initial hesitations, the group embarks on their adventure into the wilderness, unaware of the horrors awaiting them. Their journey takes a sinister turn when they find themselves lost and hunted by a malevolent baby ghost, leading to a series of chilling encounters that test their friendships and sanity.

As tensions rise and the group faces escalating dangers, the film delves into themes of friendship, greed, and the consequences of tampering with the unknown. With each member facing their own fears and regrets, they must confront the dark forces that haunt both the physical and psychological landscape of the badlands.

Directed by Josh Ajimah and produced by Jay Stan, “Nightmares in the Badlands” is a gripping tale of survival and redemption, where the line between reality and nightmare blurs, leaving audiences on the edge of their seats until the very end.


  • Tochukwu “Teekay” Oguayo as AJ
  • Idachaba Olivet as Max
  • Jaystan as Jay
  • SOMA AUSTIN as Precious
  • Chisom Charles.CCEZ as Ccez
  • Chinaza Nnaji as Benita
  • Dera Mmesoma as Dee
  • Pretti Praiz as the Ghost
  • Chidera Nwafor as Mrs. Williams
  • Cynthia Onoja Ceecee as Doris


1. Friendship and Loyalty

The film explores the dynamics of friendship and loyalty among the seven university friends as they embark on a treasure hunt together. This theme delves into the bonds that hold the group together in the face of adversity and how these relationships are tested throughout the narrative.

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2. Greed and Temptation

The protagonist’s desire to uncover a buried treasure leads to a dangerous expedition into the wilderness.

The theme delves into greed’s consequences, revealing how individuals prioritize desires over safety and morality, regardless of consequences.

3. Fear and Survival

As the friends find themselves lost in the badlands and hunted by a malevolent baby ghost, the theme of fear and survival becomes prominent. The film explores how fear impacts decision-making and the characters’ struggle to survive in a hostile and supernatural environment.

4. Guilt and Regret

The synopsis suggests that only one of the friends survives the ordeal, implying that there may be feelings of guilt and regret among the survivors for their role in the tragic events that unfolded. This theme delves into the psychological impact of guilt and the characters’ attempts to come to terms with their actions.

5. Supernatural Forces and the Unknown

The presence of a malevolent baby ghost adds a supernatural element to the story, highlighting the theme of confronting the unknown and paranormal. This theme explores how characters react to encountering supernatural forces beyond their understanding and the implications of meddling with forces beyond human control.

6. Redemption and Forgiveness

For the survivors of the ordeal, the theme of redemption and forgiveness may come into play as they grapple with the consequences of their actions and seek to find peace and closure. This theme explores the possibility of redemption and the characters’ journey towards self-forgiveness and acceptance.

7. The Dangers of Hubris

The protagonist’s initial confidence in his ability to lead the treasure hunt and unearth the buried gold reflects a sense of hubris or overconfidence. This theme examines the dangers of hubris and the humbling realization of human limitations in the face of unforeseen challenges.

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A Treasure Hunt Gone Awry
A Treasure Hunt Gone Awry



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