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Abia residents cry as a tanker crushes a recent graduate during clearance

On Tuesday, a speeding tanker crushed Miss Ezekiel Mary Ogechi, a recent graduate of Abia State Polytechnic in Aba, in front of the school.

Ogechi, an accounting student at the Polytechnic, came to the school to complete her academic clearance before enrolling in the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) program, but she tragically lost her life there.

According to information obtained by HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA, she greeted her classmates after completing the clearance process and expressed happiness over her NYSC call-up.

She had previously received a post-graduate course scholarship from an organization.

HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA received information from a source that she was hit by a tricycle while attempting to cross to the other side of the road.

She couldn’t get up before a fast-moving truck crushed her.

When angry Polytechnic students discovered that their beloved Oge was dead beneath the vehicle, they organized a protest.

The source stated that the Abia State Polytechnic administration and the students’ union government of the institution saved the day by begging the furious students to calm down.

The spokesperson for the Abia State Police Command, did not respond to a communication regarding the issue that HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA sent.

Remember that the state saw the crushing of a guy in his late 30s by a trailer late last year?

In October, someone allegedly threw the unidentified victim down from a moving Keke NAPEP, which led to the tragedy of the truck crushing them.

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