“You can rule a country if you can handle a woman” – Pete Edochie

handle a woman

According to seasoned Nollywood actor Pete Edochie, any man who can handle a woman can be the leader of nation.

Speaking on women’s duties in society and at home, the actor made this statement.

Speaking in a video that was uploaded to his official social media website, Pete said that a man is not a man if he slaps women without cause.

He claimed that although women are not the easiest to be around, once they move in, a house becomes a home.

“A house is a house, but it only becomes a home when a lady enters it. A woman’s tongue holds her strength. You cannot claim to be a man if you strike a lady after she provokes you.

“But you can rule a local government, you can rule a country, if you can handle a woman.”

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