A few abduction cases in Abuja are stage-managed – Wike

abduction cases

According to FCT Minister Nyesom Wike, several abduction cases in Abuja are stage-managed.

Wike promised inhabitants of the FCT greater infrastructure and better security when he was invited by senators, together with FCT Commissioner of Police Benneth Igweh, to brief the lawmakers on the measures put in place to secure residents of the FCT.
The minister reported that the meeting was productive and that the senators concurred that the FCT’s security has greatly improved. He uttered,

“I’m thrilled to hear that they are all satisfied with our actions thus far and our future plans. They also offered some recommendations on how to proceed.

What matters is what the FCT ought to anticipate going forward. I’ll suggest enhanced infrastructure and security. You are able to observe events within the FCT. It is currently being used as a building site.

What has transpired in the FCTA is also visible to you. We now have our own Permanent Secretaries, which has never been the case before, and our own Civil Service Commission. The FCT has new developments, and the locals are content. The majority of abduction tales you hear have been stage-managed by someone. Certain internal arrangements exist. Consider the scenario if a driver or housekeeper in your home plans to abduct the boss’s child.

“Our focus is on securing the release of kidnapped individuals. Additionally, Wike announced the capture of the two most wanted kidnappers in the FCT, which has led to a decrease in abduction cases in Abuja.

He stated, “While acknowledging that there’s still progress to be made, it’s important to recognize the positive changes we’ve achieved. We remain committed to improving security for our citizens. However, it’s unrealistic to promise the complete eradication of criminal activities, given our human nature.”

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