Kaduna Kidnappings: Students Held in Remote, Hard-to-Reach Locations – Defence Headquarters

Defence Headquarters

The Defence Headquarters reports that challenging-to-reach locations are reportedly holding the 287 pupils from a school in Kuriga, Kaduna State, who were abducted last week. Kaduna Kidnappings

Major General Edward Buba, Director of Defence Media Operations, stated to reporters on Thursday, March 14, that the abductors are using their victims as human shields to stop any more air and ground attacks on them.

He further stated that security services took over six hours after the students’ kidnapping to receive the information before initiating equipment for the rescue operation.

Buba said; 

“We have reduced their numbers and eliminated a large number of their leaders and infantry. The attackers’ targeting of children was an egregious act of cowardice. We just bought more air platforms to destroy them even more, Kaduna Kidnappings. They are aware of our seriousness. They pursued the students in order to defend themselves. There are complexity in every battle, and ours is no different. There have been reports of citizen abductions in the North Central, North West, and North East theaters of operations recently.

“These citizens should only be treated as tettorists, not bandits, as they were kidnapped by a violent and tasty group.” Again, these are not bandits, these are terrorists.

“They are imprisoning these citizens against their will, against all accepted human decencies, against the rules of armed conflict, and against any reasonable international law.”

The onslaught of troops has neutralized a number of their commanders and leaders. Their goal is to survive by using these hostages as a human shield. But rest assured that we won’t stop working until the hostages are freed.

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“This is undoubtedly a challenging position, but it is not insurmountable. The exceedingly delicate hostage situation is regrettably not unprecedented in the ongoing war’s history.

However, the circumstances show how desperate these terrorists are to use all means necessary to evade a military assault.

Remember that in the last few months, the military has eliminated a number of terrorist leaders, commanders, and foot soldiers and is rapidly apprehending a number more.

These terrorists have shown cowardice by pursuing such vulnerable people in an attempt to obstruct military progress. We won’t stop working till they get back, I promise.

“The forces’ failure to notify the search and rescue operation in a timely manner severely hindered the operation, given the hostage situation.”

But I can promise you that we won’t stop until these hostages are freed.

But due to the delicate nature of the situation, I am unable to provide more information on the hostages’ whereabouts, any signs of life, or our available options for rescuing them.

“Assuring the release of these hostages is our top priority, let me reiterate. We have therefore leaned on our international allies for assistance.

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