Wike gives the NASS the over N1 trillion FCT 2024 budget

2024 budget

On Monday, FCT Minister Nyesome Wike unveiled the 2024 statutory budget amount, which includes expected total revenue and total recurrent and capital expenditures for the Territory, totaling one trillion, one hundred and forty-seven billion, seven hundred and eighty million, six hundred and ten thousand, and two hundred and eighty-three naira (N1, 147, 780, 610, 283).

The National Assembly presented both chambers with a budget that included a call for cooperation to bring the capital city closer to its goal of becoming a modern metropolis on par with other global capitals.

The Minister briefed Senate and House Committees on FCT’s 2023 Appropriation before submitting 2024 budget recommendations.

The Minister explained how distributive and non-distributive revenues formed FCT’s 2024 total budget to legislators.

“Wike stated distributive revenues cover shared expenses; non-distributive funds pay debts like Abuja Light Rail Project.”

The budget proposal’s sectoral highlights include the public buildings and utilities provision, district development, and roads and infrastructure sectors.

“The FCDA allocated N457 billion for infrastructure in the Federal Capital City: N282 billion for ongoing projects, N175 billion new.

The FCT Minister allocated N4.15 billion to the Council Services Secretariat of Area councils for service delivery supervision.

During budget defense, Rep. Mukthar Betara urged the Federal Government to fund Area Councils for regional development monitoring.

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