UNN Release 2024 Batch A Stream II Mobilization List [Download]


The University of Nigeria, Nsukka (UNN), has announced the release of the 2024 Batch A Stream II Mobilization List, signaling a crucial step for prospective corps members (PCMs) in their journey towards National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) enrollment. This release comes with important updates and instructions for candidates.

1. Mobilization List Upload

UNN has uploaded the 2024 Batch A Stream II Mobilization List onto its official platform, enabling candidates to access their status and proceed with necessary actions for NYSC registration.

2. Verification of Details

Advising candidates, particularly those from specialized faculties such as Pharmacy, Medicine, and Dental Surgery, to meticulously review the list for any inaccuracies in their personal information, including names, graduation dates, and other particulars.

3. Resolution of Issues

Urging PCMs facing challenges related to JAMB registration numbers or other discrepancies to promptly address these issues by submitting their details, along with supporting documents like the Statement of Result and JAMB Admission Letter, to the designated unit or email address provided by UNN.

4. Importance of Accuracy

Emphasizing that any discrepancies in details, whether on the Statement of Result or elsewhere, could hinder the registration process for NYSC orientation camp. Therefore, strongly advising candidates to ensure the utmost accuracy in their particulars.

5. Implementation of NIN Requirement

Since 2024 Batch A, NYSC requires NIN for online registration, marking it as a prerequisite for prospective corps members. Prospective corps members are reminded to obtain their NIN to facilitate a smooth registration process.

The National Youth Service Corps prepares for 2024 Batch “A” (Stream II) mobilization; University of Nigeria uploads outstanding graduates.

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Urging graduates, particularly those from the Faculties of Pharmacy, Medicine, and Dental Surgery, whose names appear on the latest Approved Senate List, to carefully review the attached list for any inaccuracies in their names, graduation dates, or other details.

Candidates with unresolved JAMB registration issues should submit details, Statement of Result, and JAMB Admission Letter to the provided address.

“Accuracy is vital; discrepancies post-upload to the NYSC portal may hinder orientation camp registration for corps members.”

Starting from 2024 Batch “A,” NYSC mandates NIN for online registration, requiring it from prospective corps members.



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