President Museveni of Uganda elevates son to commander of army

commander of army

commander of army; Uganda’s government announced Yoweri Museveni named his son to oversee defense forces, capping Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s rapid ascent.

“The defense ministry’s Thursday declaration followed years of rumors about Kainerugaba being groomed for chief executive due to diplomatic controversies.”

The 49-year-old general has advanced quickly through the ranks of Uganda’s army, despite previous statements to the contrary. His father is one of the continent’s longest-serving leaders.

Last year, Kainerugaba announced his presidential candidacy for the 2026 elections in a now-deleted post on X platform.

In another apparent jab at his father, he wrote, “How many share my belief that our time has arrived? It is our generation’s moment to take the lead. Like and retweet.

“In 2022, amid a dispute over a threatening post, Museveni, 79, ordered Kainerugaba to cease discussing state matters on social media.

“Days after the incident, Museveni promoted his only son to “very good general” and defended him, expressing regret to Kenya.”

Despite the prohibition, Kainerugaba, a high-ranking military commander, regularly engages in politics, causing diplomatic difficulties for Uganda.

Addis Ababa expressed outrage at his tweets endorsing the rebels in Tigray, and critics also condemned his opinions on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the coup in Guinea in 2021, commander of army.

Last year, he criticized Western countries for spreading “useless pro-Ukraine propaganda” and declared that Uganda would “send soldiers to defend Moscow if the Imperialists ever threatened it.”

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