A woman was admitted to the hospital after purchasing and using a wig she bought online [Video]

Wig she bought online

Wig she bought online; A devastated woman who was hospitalized after receiving an internet wig has sparked concern on social media.

The woman on TikTok going by the handle @mommin_whilehealin disclosed that she purchased the wig on Amazon.

The woman claimed that she had molluscum contagiosum as a result of wearing the wig, necessitating hospitalization.

Skin-colored lumps are a symptom of an infection called molluscum contagiosum.

In the video, she displayed all of the lumps on her body and face.

“I’m in the hospital at three in the morning because I ordered a wig from Amazon and ended up with molluscum,” the woman stated.

Netizens who questioned the likelihood of getting the infection from a wig were moved by the video.

“I thought Mollluscum is classified as an STD, so how did it get on wig?” questioned Erykah Boseman; Wig she bought online.

“I assumed molluscum is a skin infection from someone else,” stated @user7704450256256. In what way was it obtained from the wig?

“WHO WAS THE VENDOR?!!?” inquired Tip. Why not also share that information?

In response, PYT66 said, “So you’re not positive that you got it from the wig? You’re making assumptions.

“I just looked that up and it says it’s mostly spread from person to person sexually skin to skin and it’s prevalent in kids,” commented user 6507884327173.

In response, Ang said, “It spreads from contact with someone.” Do you have young children? It is a typical rash that young people get.

Dorien J stated: “I’m going to keep buying wigs from Amazon because I just checked this up and it says it takes months to heal and some other stuff too. I hope you get well soon.

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