Oloture: The Journey (TV Series 2024); Release Date, Cast and Synopsis

Oloture: The Journey 2024

Oloture: The Journey 2024; Media mogul Mo Abudu has said that, despite the uproar surrounding the 2019 feature film “Oloture,” which was produced by EbonyLife TV, it is currently wrapping up production of a series that offers a more in-depth plot.

Abudu said that the narrative will follow the paths taken by people smuggling people between Libya and the Niger Republic.

“Oloture: The Journey” will be available to you in 2024, as the writer wrote. Currently, for this project, we are in post-production. “Òlòtūré: The Journey” follows the box office triumph of “Òlòtūré.”

Celebrities such as Daniel Etim Effiong, Stan Nze, Beverly Osu, and Calabar Chic are among the series’ impressive cast members.

Journalist Tobore Ovuorie affirmed the film’s accuracy in depicting her life upon its 2019 release.

She claims that Mo Abudu, the movie’s producer, appropriated her account of events from 2014.

Abudu insisted that the movie is indeed a work of fiction, yet it draws inspiration from several genuine tales.

In an Instagram post, Abudu stated that she had already contacted Ovuorie’s employers, the publishers of Premium Times, at the time when they published the story, and received their complete consent to make the film.

Fans had conflicting emotions in response to the news. Some people don’t think it makes sense to turn the film into a series, even though everyone wants to know what happened to Oloture after the devastating cliffhanger that closed the film.

A crowd member remarks, “Hey, that oloture…” Does a series have a point? I suppose we have to comprehend why Sharon’s persona trailed them across the border. Others, meanwhile, are exclaiming, “Oloture is returning as a series!!!!” oloture is coming back!” are examples of similar reactions.

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Òlòtūré: The Journey
Netflix is the distributor.
Dramatic genre; English language; Nigerian origin
Production: Mo Abudu Produced by EbonyLife Studios


“Òlòtūré follows the journey of a brave young journalist as she goes undercover, traversing the challenging terrains of Benin, Niger, and Libya. Eventually, her quest to find a way out leads her to the Mediterranean, showcasing her determination and courage amidst perilous circumstances.”

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