Man returning after 14 years abroad passes away just two days after landing in Nigeria

passes away

A Nigerian man who spent 14 years abroad suddenly passes away just two days after returning to Nigeria, amidst peculiar circumstances.

The incident was shared by @CEOPROSERFINA on Twitter.

Desmond had lived abroad for 14 years before choosing to visit his father’s house, as stated by her.

Shortly after his arrival, Desmond, who was reportedly in good health, began experiencing discomfort from what seemed like ant bites on his stomach. Tragically, he passed away unexpectedly.

@CEOPROSERFINA expressed shock and sorrow in her post, lamenting Desmond’s sudden passes away and questioning the circumstances surrounding it. She wondered about the plans that Desmond had and who would console his sick parents and complete his unfinished projects.

“Tomorrow is Easter Day, and my sister was looking forward to celebrating it with you. I can’t believe you’re gone. This news feels surreal. I wish I could speak to God.”

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