Man in pains as Envious neighbor pours sniper in his catfish pond (Video)

Envious neighbor

Envious neighbor; Heartbreak struck a Nigerian businessman as he awoke to a devastating sight: his prized catfish pond poisoned by a jealous neighbor’s act of malice, leaving the once-thriving fish lifeless. Venting his anguish on TikTok via @lewizcares, he shared his tale of woe with a heavy heart.

The animosity between the two had simmered for some time. It began when the businessman caught his neighbor red-handed, illicitly selling fish harvested from his pond. Confrontation ensued, with stern warnings issued against such trespasses. However, instead of amending his ways, the neighbor’s demeanor soured, brimming with resentment.

Fuelled by spite, the neighbor resorted to a despicable act: poisoning the catfish pond with the lethal pesticide, Sniper. Caught in the act by a vigilant observer, justice swiftly intervened, leading to the perpetrator’s arrest and subsequent detention.

Left with no recourse, the fish farmer faced the grim task of salvaging what remained of his livelihood. With a heavy heart, he harvested the tainted fish, forced to discard the fruits of his labor. Yet, amidst the despair, he clung to faith, trusting in divine intervention to navigate this harrowing ordeal.

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