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My girlfriend and I were apprehended, but her ‘boyfriend’ came to bail her

boyfriend; Temi, a heartbroken Nigerian man, shared a shocking experience after he and his girlfriend were arrested by the police. Taking to social media, Temi revealed they were apprehended on a Friday night for an undisclosed offense.

However, at the police station, Temi was surprised to find out his girlfriend had another boyfriend who bailed her out. This incident made him realize the truth behind the words “crazy things are happening.”

In his words: “When Tems said ‘crazy things are happening,’ I felt it today. Police arrested me and my girlfriend last night, and this morning her boyfriend came to bail her out.”

Following his revelation, reactions poured in on social media:

  • @h_abibah asked: “Who bailed you out?”
  • @Jayysen_ commented: “So, you’re the side piece?”
  • @ahdebee said: “Imagine your girlfriend bailing you out.”
  • @I_Am_Winter opined: “At least now you know she’s not loyal.”
  • @Wizebaba suggested: “Call your girlfriend to bail you out.”
  • @lincardinal wrote: “Sorry, spare boyfriend. Next time, know your place before ending up in jail as a spare tire.”
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