Don Jazzy joins the viral TikTok challenge with the phrase ‘When Esther see money, she establishes.’ [VIDEO]

When Esther see money

When Esther see money; Don Jazzy, a music executive, has garnered attention from fans by taking up the viral challenge “Esther was black and broke.”

When several ladies who utilized the video-making program shared their amazing transformations on social media, it went viral.

Mavins Records CEO Don Jazzy got in on the trend by narrating his story before and after. His supporters and admirers burst out laughing at this, When Esther see money.

On the internet, a footage of the 41-year-old Jazzy at a young age that shows his dark and thin build has been making the rounds.

Throughout the transition, he seemed more appealing and plump, his prosperity and wealth seeming to radiate from him.

The element of the video that is going viral on the internet that most captured people’s attention was when Don Jazzy transformed from a man to a woman while sporting different colored and patterned wigs.

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