18-month Master’s program turn 5 years – Students call out UniBen 

18-month Master’s program

18-month Master’s program; In a series of outbursts that circulated on social media, students enrolled in the Department of Communication and Language Arts (CLA) at the prestigious University of Ibadan bemoaned time wasted as their 18-month Master’s program turned five years.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic led to departmental staff negligence, cited as the initial challenge for these students.

The University of Ibadan’s CLA faces accusations of student neglect, spotlighted in @jaxxyz_’s X platform post and Facebook.

A student recounted their experience titled ‘ACADEMIC NIGHTMARE AT THE UNIVERSITY OF IBADAN’, explaining how what was supposed to be an 18-month Master’s program turned into a prolonged ordeal lasting five years.

The situation worsened when a new head of department took over during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020. The pace of the program slowed significantly thereafter. Despite completing coursework before the lockdown, delays plagued the program upon resumption, particularly in organizing exams. The student noted that project supervisors neglected their duties, leaving students to fend for themselves.

Efforts from class reps led to project defenses in February 2023, but results were delayed for a year.

Shockingly, students were then asked to pay a fee of 154,000 Naira to access their results, deemed a punishment for project delays. This practice of withholding results and imposing fees was not new, as previous sets had faced similar challenges.

The student urges intervention to halt unfair practices and improve experiences for present and future departmental students.

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