Paul Okoye hints at getting married again

Paul Okoye

Paul Okoye, often known as Rudeboy, has made references to getting married again.

Reason With Me” vocalist hinted at it while scolding fans for wishing ill on his divorce with ex-wife.

He urged acceptance of Ivy Ifeoma as his new companion and declared he wouldn’t yield to their wishes.

He continued by revealing his and his partner Ifeoma’s hashtag alternatives.

“Some of y’all wish and think all divorces must be toxic, looking for someone to blame so that y’all can be entertained,” Rudeboy posted on his Instagram story. lol

Either #Ifeomanonso or #Ifynonso. Pick one.

One year post-divorce from Anita Okoye in December 2022, Paul Okoye, 41, introduced Ifeoma, 22, as his new girlfriend, According to HYPEBLOG9JA MEDIA.

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