Yola Main Market engulfed in flames

Yola Main Market

Yola Main Market, One of the two markets in Yola, the capital of Adamawa State, was destroyed by fire, along with several significant homes and goods.

Yola Town Main Market, second largest, serves as commercial hub for Yola South Local Government Area and its surroundings.

The city’s largest market, Jimeta Modern Market, is situated on the Jimeta axis of the capital city.

Witnesses reported that early on Monday morning, a fire broke out at the Yola Town market, destroying merchandise and stores.

Some of the entrepreneurs who retained the Sunday sales revenues reportedly now regret not taking their money home.

They claimed that despite the fire authorities’ prompt response, containment was difficult due to the fire’s ferocity.

As of Monday am, when this report was filed, the source of the fire was still unknown, although residents in the market area ruled out any connection to electricity because there had been a blackout throughout.

There are no documented cases of human casualties.

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