Before my surgery, I couldn’t recall people – Zack Orji

Before my surgery

Before my surgery, I couldn’t recall people – Zack Orji

Zack Orji, a seasoned Nollywood actor, disclosed that he suffered from amnesia prior to surgery.

Remember that the actor slumped in the bathroom and had to have two brain surgery recently?

In a Sunday interview with Channels TV, Orji stated that he spent five and a half hours in a coma.

“I passed out, so the only thing I can say is that I’m alive today by God’s grace. Before help arrived, I was out for around five and a half hours,” he recalled.

“They lifted me on their shoulders from the second floor to the ground floor and took me to the National Hospital,” Orji continued, recalling how his coworkers Benedict Johnson and Labista raced to his house.

He claimed that although the initial operation was done on January 1st, he had another one a month later when scans showed that there was still a blood clot present.

“I couldn’t recognize people before the surgery,” the man stated. I couldn’t even recall some of the people that visited me in the hospital; we had a conversation, but I didn’t even realize they were there. It was me, my wife, who informed me about the guests.

But the first thing I asked myself after the procedure was, ‘What day are we today?’ I began wishing everyone a happy new year when my wife said, “New Year’s Day.” She claimed that’s when she realized I was back.

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