Check your 2024 JAMB results Online Or SMS [Updated]

2024 JAMB results

2024 JAMB results; The JAMB 2024 registration procedures are already complete, the exams have already started, and you can usually check your results 24-72 hours following the exam. This article provides comprehensive instructions on how to view your results via the two main channels—the official JAMB website and an SMS option.

Check your 2024 JAMB results 2024 [Updated]

1. Visit the eFacility Portal for JAMB: Open a web browser and Click Here to access the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board’s eFacility portal.

2. Enter your login information here: Your email address and the password you used to register are required here.

3. View your results: Click the “Check UTME Results” button after entering the necessary information. If the results of the UTME have been made public, your results for each topic you took should be visible on the screen.


Before attempting to check the JAMB results 2024 online, make sure you have a reliable internet connection. For you, a bad network connection can make things difficult.
If you receive error messages, either your result hasn’t been updated yet, or there is a service outage because to high website usage. So, simply give it some time, or try an other approach.

Using SMS to check JAMB results in 2024

1. JAMB provides a handy SMS method to view your UTME results. Candidates, parents, or guardians who might not have instant access to a computer or the Internet can benefit from this strategy. This is how you do it:

2. Launch the messaging app: Open your text messaging app on your smartphone.
3. Write a fresh message: Type “RESULT” (all caps) and your JAMB registration number in a new message.
4. Forward the SMS: Send the message to the official JAMB result SMS numbers, 55019 or 66019.
5. Get Your Outcomes: If your results are ready, JAMB will then send you a reply SMS with your UTME results for every topic you took the test on.

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PLEASE NOTE: A ₦50 service fee is applied to this method, which is taken out of your cell phone airtime. Consequently, before attempting to check your JAMB results 2024 via SMS, make sure you have enough balance.

Examine your scores in each topic after you have received your results. Please call the JAMB help line or submit a ticket right once if, after all tests from April 19–29 have ended and you can verify that most people have viewed their JAMB 2024 results, you are still unable to access yourself.

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