“Waka fast fast no body go know” – Female corper Exhibits Oversized Shoes Received at Orientation Camp

Female corper

“Walk quickly, no one will notice” – Female Corper Shows Oversized Shoes Received at Orientation Camp

Female corper; When a female corps member posted a video of the enormous shoes she received from NYSC officials, the internet was captivated.

On TikTok, a corper going by the handle @mhiz_zirabel bemoaned receiving the sneakers at the NYSC Orientation camp.

The white canvas and jungle boot that she had been given were nearly half the size of her leg.

The video was captioned “The shoe NYSC gave me,” by her.

The response from Angela’s Beauty Empire was, “Waka fast nobody go notice.”

The response from MOREN TEM was, “We who come get small leg done suffer.”

“No, two people suppose wear the shoe at once,” replied Precious in response.

The response from Ajewoleenitan was, “This one don pass Nysc shege oo.”

“E enter ur leg Abi e no enter?” exclaimed ALHASSAN.

In response, Heemah1012 said, “You wear am Abi u no wear am.”

“I exchange with someone else back then Dey give me extra large,” replied SilvAnn in response.


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