In Kano, the Police have launched a Schools Protection Squad

Schools Protection Squad

The Police in Kano have initiated the establishment of a Schools Protection Squad.

Schools Protection Squad; In Kano State, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has established the Schools Protection Squad (SPS).

Mohammed Gumel, the commissioner of police, officially opened the 60-man squad on Thursday at the police command headquarters in Kano.

The squad’s mission is to defend educational institutions, students, professors, and other stakeholders from armed bandits and kidnappers.
Gumel stated that IGP Kayode Ebegtokun initiated the SPS to ensure secure learning environments, protect instructors, students, and school facilities.

The SPS was made up of sixty suitably qualified police officers who were equipped with the right equipment and kits for the job.

He announced the deployment of patrols around all schools in each senatorial district, commencing May 2, 2024.

The police commissioner detailed preparations for the 60-officer squad against terrorist threats, equipping them with vehicles and surveillance devices. The squad was trained in school policing and protection techniques in Abuja.

Lastly, Gumel claims that the 60 personnel are insufficient to secure schools across the 44 local government districts and the Kano metropolitan area; nevertheless, as instructed by the police inspector general, these squads will be duplicated to obtain an adequate number of troops for school safety.

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