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CBN Officials Collected $600,000 Bribe To Process Payment Of Executed Contract – Witness

$600,000 Bribe Was Taken By CBN Officials To Process Payment Of Completed Contract – Witness

CBN Officials; Emefiele was charged with 23 counts by the EFCC on April 8. The charges include abuse of office, taking gratifications, corrupt demand, obtaining property gained fraudulently, and conferring corrupt advantage.

Victor Onyejiuwa, a witness, has testified against Godwin Emefiele, the former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), in his trial on allegations of abuse of power and taking payment of N2.8 billion and $4.5 billion.

The Source Computers Limited’s managing director, Onyejiuwa, said that he was under pressure from CBN management to pay the $600,000 outstanding on a contract he had signed.

Also, On Thursday, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) submitted additional evidence against Emefiele.

The bundles of documents were tendered by EFCC Counsel, Mr. Rotimi Oyedepo (SAN), through the third prosecution witness, Mr. Clement Ngolu, a compliance officer of Zenith Bank.

The defense team did not object when the documents were admitted into evidence.

He said that organizations like the Nigeria Police, EFCC, ICPC, and NSCDC were partners with his department.

The witness stated that at some point in 2014, the EFCC requested that his department provide the agency with statements of accounts for Limelight and two other accounts. We complied with the request, the witness said.

The bank employees officially signed the paperwork we supplied to the EFCC.

Our computer system, which was functioning properly at the time, was used to generate the statement.

The witness stated, “The documents are in the bank’s custody and were printed out from the company’s computer, which was operating well.”

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There were none from the defence to ask the witness

An IT contractor was quickly called as the prosecution’s fourth witness. He testified that he felt pressured to pay the $600,000 required to fulfill a contract he had signed by the CBN management.

According to the witness, his company received at least five contracts within the allotted time.

He continued by saying that the CBN had given his business a contract for “enterprise storage and servers” at some point in 2017.

The contractor alleged that Ayoh, a former CBN director, contacted him post-contract completion, stating the management required something from it.

The MD claimed Ayoh threatened to use the apex bank’s contract funds if he didn’t comply with the demands.

John Ayoh, the second prosecution witness, concluded his testimony, which was also heard by the court.

In his recent court testimony, Ayoh explained how he acquired $600,000 for the former CBN Governor in contract fulfillment.

The witness stated in his testimony today that the former CBN governor ignored him.

During my directorship at CBN, my loyalty was to the institution and Nigerians; interactions with Emefiele were formal and directive.

“The CBN is managed by the governor, the bank’s four deputy governors, and the directors,” he stated in his testimony.

Also, On April 8, EFCC charged Emefiele with 23 counts, including abuse of office, accepting gratifications, and corrupt practices.

Meanwhile, his co-defendant was charged on three counts related to accepting a gift from agents.
Nonetheless, the defendants entered a not guilty plea to the accusation.

The case has been postponed by the judge until May 17 in order to continue the trial.

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